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It is for anyone interested in user experience, ui design or web design, and many more. Regardless your experience you are welcome here. This community was started with the hopes of creating regular meetups where you can just hang out and listen to someone talk about what they’ve done in a non-competitive, non-salesy, no-recruiters, no-pressure, no-fancy-speaker-imported-fresh-from-San-Fransisco kind of way.

Sometimes you just want a space to grab a drink and share war-stories with like-minded people, you know?

If you have any questions about this community, or would be interested in presenting at or sponsoring a future UX City event, please contact the organizer  at paul@uxcity.net.





Paul Axente

Focused on: Strategy, Research, Experience Design
Experience: 9+ years

Paul is leading Yopeso’s Design department in Romania. In this role, I oversee an exceptional team of UX Designers tasked with the creation of great and meaningful products that make our clients successful.

When I'm not doing what I've stated above, you can find me home chilling with my family, playing games with my friends on my PS4. But most of the time you'll find me talking about UX in various forms and shapes. Hosting UX meetups in Cluj https://www.meetup.com/UX-City, writing medium articles about UX and anything in between.